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Module Continuum Robotics


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jessica Burgner-Kahrs

Teaching Assistant
Dipl.-Ing. Josephine Granna

Module Description

This module provides fundamental knowledge in continuum robotics and advanced skills in modelling, planning and control of continuum robots. Furthermore, the module aims at imparting the critical reading of scientific papers and discussion of research results in the scope of continuum robotics. 

After successful completion of this module students will be able to

  • define the term continuum robot and categorize robots according to their features,
  • explain, compare, and evaluate mechanisms and means for actuation for continuum robots,
  • classify, explain, and evaluate methods for kinematic modelling,
  • compute and implement the direct kinematics of tendon-actuated and tubular continuum robots,
  • assess the accuracy of kinematic models experimentally for a robot,
  • explain, differentiate, and choose methods for planning and control for continuum robots for different matters,
  • name and describe sensors for continuum robots and their functionality and to evaluate the applicability for different matters,
  • read and evaluate current scientific papers critically,
  • summarize and present research results.

Table of Content

  • Mechanisms and actuation of continuum robots
  • Geometric modelling of kinematics 
  • Modelling of the direct kinematics using elasticity theory
  • Implementing kinematic models in Matlab
  • Experimental evaluation of kinematic models using a robot
  • Differential and inverse kinematics for continuum robots
  • Trajectory and motion planning
  • Sensing
  • Control
  • Quality criteria of scientific papers
  • Critical analysis of reseach results


The module is composed of the lecture and exercise Continuum Robotics (4 ECTS) and the Journalclub Continuum Robotics (1 ECTS).

This module is taught in English exclusively.


The examination is composed of two Laborübungen (20 % of the final grade each), as well as an oral exam which may be taken in English of German (60 % of the final grade).

The Journalclub Continuum Robotics is examined as a presentation (Referat).

Time and Location

The course was offered for the last time in the winter term 2017/2018.

Further Information

The number of students is limited (drawn randomly from all registered). Further information and registration on Stud.IP

Questions via Email