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Logo: Emmy Noether research group CROSS/Leibniz Universität Hannover
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Student Research Projects

Information for Prospective Students

If you are interested in performing your research project with us, please start with looking at the

list of available research topics.

Beside those listed topics, we can discuss an individual thesis research topic based on your interests and strengths.

The task description is based on the type of research project (bachelor's, master's thesis or Studienarbeit) as well as the duration defined in the module plan.

Make first contact with your advisor via e-mail to arrange a meeting discussing the expectations of the thesis. When you decide for the particular topic, you will receive a formal thesis assisnment, subdivided into subtasks for the introduction phase and the processing phase.

Introduction Phase

  • Goal: Find out if the topic is well suited!
  • Duration: 2-6 weeks as a rule
  • Objective:

    • Explore state of the art
    • Familiarize with research topic
    • Understand the task
    • Develop a research strategy
    • Plan evaluation and experiments
    • Establish time schedule

  • Completion with concept presentation (10-15 minutes + discussion)
  • Finalization of topic/task description
  • Registration at Prüfungsamt afterwards

Processing phase

  • Hand in "State of the Art" chapter of thesis
  • Work on subtasks
  • Presentation and discussion of intermediate results (approximately at half-time, 20 minutes)
  • Hand in Table of Content and itemized list of chapter content
  • Perform evaluation and experiments
  • Write thesis (60-80 pages)

    • Template (Latex) 

  • Depending on task nature submission on CD or USB

    • Programming: source code
    • Construction: CAD files
    • Measurement Data: Excel sheets, raw data

  • Final Presentation (20 minutes + discussion)

We Expect from You

  • Advanced Knowledge in robotics (attending courses Robotics 1, Continuum Robotics, etc.)
  • Regular attendance of team meetings
  • Weekly meeting with your advisor to discuss progress, challenges and further approach
  • Motivation and high dedication
  • Independent work

We Offer

  • Own work place with computer in student room
  • Coffee machine, tea, refrigerator, micro wave
  • Young team
  • Co-author of (inter-) national conference paper or international journal paper or a patent application if thesis is of high quality and scientifically relevant
  • Communication, Thesis, and Presentation optional in English or German